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Tips to go Zero Waste

The three and half million tonnes of waste Metro Vancouver generates each year is an enormous amount of waste to landfill or burn every year. We need to take action to reduce waste in our region.
Reducing the amount of waste that we produce will improve our environment by reducing greenhouse gases and preventing further pollution of our air, land and water. Waste diversion also has economic and social benefits through the creation of green jobs and by providing opportunities for local businesses.

Check out some of these videos on waste: Story of Stuff and Plastic Sate of Mind

Zero Waste Tips for Citizens

  1. Reducing Waste
    The best way to manage waste is not to generate it in the first place. Buy fewer products and choose items with less packaging.

  2. Reusing Products and Materials
    Re-use products, including bags and containers, repair or donate items to charity and purchase used goods to reduce waste.

  3. Recycling
    Recycle products such as paper, cardboard, metal, glass and plastic through municipal recycling and deposit programs. Dispose of electronic waste through Extended Product Responsibility (EPR) programs. Compost food and yard waste. Unsure as to how to recycle something?  Visit the Recycling Council of BC's Recyclepedia or call 604-RECYCLE.

New App Helps British Columbia Recycle

Recyclepedia AppRCBC and SPEC have launched a new app to help make recycling just a bit easier. The free app is a quick and simple tool that helps users find over 1,000 drop-off locations and recycling options for over 70 materials or products across BC. Many thanks go to the hard-working volunteers who brought this project to fruition.

Download for iPhone

Download for Android

Read the Press Release.


Start reducing your waste now.  View Taina Uitto and Deanna Roger's Zero Waste tips.

Serious about Waste Reduction?  Here are some resources from our Living Zero Waste - Advanced workshop.

Janine's Supply List (pdf) - where to find items in bulk in Kitsilano etc.

Notes on homemade toothpaste: Most dentists will tell you it’s the physical brushing that is most important. Lindsay Coulter – David Suzuki’s Queen of Green’s toothpaste – use sparingly, store in a jar with a lid, scoop a bit with a spoon and this has an indefinite shelf life.
When using baking soda blend it with oil or glycerin and just use a tiny bit, diluted with water to avoid too much abrasion.


Above recipe from crunchybetty.com
Other Deodorant options:  Baking soda applied under the arms, deodorant stone/crystal (alum), coconut oil.

Lip & Cheek Tint from Zero Waste Home


Herbal Shampoo For weekly use on most hair types. Works best with apple cider vinegar rinse. Shelf life: 1 month. Stir and store in squeeze bottle. It will last a few weeks in your shower or longer in the fridge.

Composting For Vancouver!

On April 1st 2010, The City of Vancouver began a curbside composting pickup service.  This was something SPEC had been a strong supporter of for many years.

Providing sustainable and environmentally sound solutions to the waste management challenges we face today goes to the core of what SPEC is about – preventing pollution and protecting the environment. We need new approaches to packaging and waste management, including expanded EPR programs and waste reduction strategies. 

Achieving a zero waste region requires individual commitment to reducing waste and recycling as well as strong leadership on the part of governments. SPEC will continue to work with individuals, governments and industry towards the goal of a achieving a zero waste region.

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